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Charles III, Duke of Parma
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Charles III (Italian: Carlo III, 14 January 1823 27 March 1854) was Duke of Parma from 1849 to 1854. Charles III was born at the Villa delle Pianore near Lucca, the only son of Charles Louis, Prince of Lucca (later Duke of Lucca, and Duke of Parma) and his wife Princess Maria-Theresa of Savoy (daughter of King Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia). He was given the baptismal names Ferdinando Carlo Vittorio Giuseppe Maria Baldassarre. Until his accession as Duke of Parma in 1849 he was called Ferdinando Carlo or Ferdinando. His family called him Danduccio. From 13 March 1824, he bore the title Hereditary Prince of Lucca. Ferdinando Carlo spent much of the first ten years of his life in Germany and in Vienna. When he was four, the responsibility for his education was entrusted to a Hungarian priest Zsigmond Deáki. He was taught Italian history and language by Lazzaro Papi, Director of the Library of Lucca. He learnt French, Hungarian, German, English, and Spanish. In 1841 Ferdinando Carlo was sent to Turin to be instructed in the military arts. He received a commission in the Piedmontese army with the rank of Captain in the Novara Cavalry.

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