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Depart from Rome and reach the enchanting lake of Bolsena, visiting the next surroundings. Bolsena is also known for the miracle of Corpus Domini, linked to the Eucharistic prodigy that took place in 1263, when a priest, while celebrating mass at the tomb of St. Cristina, saw drops of blood gushing from a consecrated host. The priest, doubtful about the dogma of transubstantiation had to change his mind and this miracle was the reason why Pope Urban IV in 1264 instituted the feast of Corpus Domini.Montefiascone, a small village that, for its peculiar position on the very top of the Lake, was chosen as the defensive bulwark of the ecclesiastical kingdom.Its Rocca dei Papi would tell you about the coin "Popolina" and when it was coined. What about the Cathedral of Santa Margherita? Its dome is among the largest in Italy with 27 meters diameter and 23 meters height (the first place belongs to St. Peter' dome). You will have time for lunch ( at your own expense ) during the day.

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